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Our Priority is to Deliver Quality Products Using Best Herbal Ethanol Extracts With Specification.

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Human Body accepts plant products because there is a friendly relation between the two . Human Body treats synthetic compound as a foreign body, which may cause toxic side effects.so, many natural products are obtained from plants fo r curing breast cancer, liver disorder, asthma and other chronic disorders. To get drugs from medicinal plants is an old system called Ayurvedic system, mentioned in the ancient scriptures such as Atherv- Veda (1200 B.C.) and Chark samhita (1000 B.C.) The Ayurvedic System is based on the experiments and observations of hundreds of years. Our Products are combination of many herbal plants, which are based on an ancient formula which has been recommended and praised in Ayurvadic system.

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Our Medical Products

  • Dr.Uri
  • Cart-Fit
  • Stream-X-Detox
  • Shubh Tulsi
  • i-Heart
  • Streamline Mukti
  • Stream CP3
  • Stream Dabicut

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