5 Benefits of Curcumin

Benefits of Curcumin

Science has revealed that Curcumin is the most biologically active component of Turmeric and actually boosts Turmeric’s overall anti-oxidant ability. As a matter of fact, Turmeric has 5 to 8 times the anti-oxidant ability of Vitamins C and E.


1. Helps to Boost Immunity


In the case of the immune system, Curcumin boosts the function of a molecule called cathelicidin antimicrobial, or CAMP. CAMP is a component of the immune system that identifies and removes bacteria and other unfamiliar agents from the body. So increasing CAMP activity essentially increases your immunity.


2. The Stress Reliever


Curcumin Supplements contains compounds that are able to stimulate the nervous system while providing positive effects on overall mood, and helping to balance all the consequences that come with stress.


3. Heart Buddy


Curcumin might help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by helping to lower the levels of harmful cholesterol in your blood. On top of dropping LDL levels, it may also be involved in reducing the inflammation that can damage blood vessels and lead to cholesterol plaque buildup. Curcumin decreases the inflammation in your arteries — make it one more tool in your heart-healthy arsenal.


4. Helps To Fight Against Cancer


There are real studies out there proving this cancer protective health benefit. Studies have found anti-cancer compounds in Curcumin that may uniquely be able to prevent cancer cells from both invading and spreading.


5. Improve Digestive Disorders


Curcumin helps to improve digestion by increasing the secretion of bile. Also effective in treating ulcerative colitis.


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Stream Cp-3 Capsules

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