How does Daruhaldi keep our liver healthy?

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Daruhaldi exhibits medicinal properties which are instrumental in keeping major diseases at bay and promotes health. Daruhaldi’s Botanical Name is Berberis aristata. It is mostly found in the ranges of the Himalayas during specific seasons. It is a shrub and all the parts of it are used for curing illnesses. It has hepato-protective, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Daruhaldi Boosts The Flow of Bile: It increases the flow of bile. Bile is an important digestive juice which helps the body to excrete waste products from the blood. Decrease in bile flow results in complications in liver function and leads to various liver problems. Daruhaldi boosts the flow of Bile resulting in correction of liver function.
  2. Daruhaldi Keeps the Liver Safe: Daruhaldi protects liver from Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a commonly used drug for relieving fever and pain. However, high intake of acetaminophen severely damages liver and leads to acute liver problems or abnormal liver function. In some cases it may cause liver failure as well. Consumption of Daruhaldi neutralizes the effects of Acetaminophen and keeps the liver safe.
  3. Daruhaldi Treats Jaundice: Daruhaldi is also very effective against jaundice- The medicinal properties of Daruhaldi are beneficial for treating jaundice and it is advised for jaundice caused due to liver congestion.
  4. Dauhaldi helps in Digestion: It stimulates the digestion process and strengthens the metabolism, which leads to weight reduction and a healthier digestive system. Hence, it leads to better digestion and improved health . If used regularly, it can do wonders for one’s body.

Daruhaldi is truly a magical herb highly beneficial for health. The next time you get affected by any of these diseases, instead of consuming dangerous conventional medicines, go for Streamline’s Stream X Detox that contains Daruhaldi and many other powerful natural ingredients that will cure your diseases naturally.



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